Bingo? Well, maybe not quite. But we are very pleased to announce that we have published our 15,000th event listing since we revamped this website in the spring of 2010. That's an average of over 275 events per month; and as of this writing, we've posted 3,395 listings (6,620 individual performances) of 2014 events. We thank the Cary Town Band for being our milestone organization – give 'em a standing ovation on our behalf if you attend Winterfest! We're also grateful to all the presenters who have come to rely on CVNC's extensive, state-wide calendar. We know there are still more groups out there, large and small, who don't avail themselves of this service. We invite readers who know of such organizations to remind them of our presence on the Tar Heel arts scene! Instructions are at the top of our events page. And Wake County events listed here are automatically posted in VisitRaleigh, too. What's not to like?

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