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THROUGH 8/5: Raleigh Little Theatre Takes Us Into the Woods on a Fantastical Journey

Musical Theatre Review by Andrea McKerlie Luke,  July 20, 2018

ADF's Satisfying 2018 Footprints Offers Beauty, Precision and Energy

Dance, Dance-Theatre Review by Roy C. Dicks,  July 20, 2018

EMF Young Artist's Orchestra Concert Paired Penetrating and Virtuosic Performances

Orchestral Music Review by William Thomas Walker,  July 19, 2018

EMF Fellows Chamber Recital: All-Star Teams in Greensboro

Chamber Music Review by Bill Robinson,  July 17, 2018

The Dichters, Piano's Power Couple, Light up Greensboro's EMF

Chamber Music Review by Timothy H. Lindeman,  July 16, 2018

At The Music House: "The (Subtle) Glory of the Six-Keyed Classical Flute"

Chamber Music, Early Music Review by Andrea McKerlie Luke,  July 15, 2018

Pratt Brings Profundity to EMF Recital

Recital Review by John W. Lambert,  July 11, 2018

Romantic Joy at the Brevard Music Festival

Orchestral Music Review by Ted McIrvine,  July 6, 2018

NCT Conservatory Pippin: Flashy and Delightfully Wicked

Musical Theatre Review by Andrea McKerlie Luke,  July 6, 2018