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Call for Artists, Theatre Feature

Open Submission Call for Matthews Playhouse Second Annual BIPOC Playwriting Festival

January 24, 2022 - Matthews, NC:

So far, 2022 is swarming with opportunities as Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts invites members of the BIPOC (Black or Indigenous People of Color) community to submit for the organization’s Second Annual Playwriting Festival! In collaboration with The African American Playwrights Group (AAPG), Matthews Playhouse has extended itself once more to provide exposure to playwriting artists. The demand for original theatrical works written by BIPOC playwrights is significant for their upcoming festival showcase. Through a process of selection and development, ultimately, one submission will be mounted as an official production in the 2022-23 season at Matthews Playhouse.

 "The Matthews Playhouse of Performing Arts and the African American Playwrights group (AAPG) have joined forces to collaborate and expand the Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) presence in the Matthews area within the performing arts."

"The African American Playwrights group, created by founder Vickie L. Evans, is a collaboration of African American playwrights whose mission is to produce quality and excellent theatre works in our communities and abroad."

Here's how it works:

According to Matthews Playhouse and AAPG, criteria for submissions require that candidates "include a cover letter and a 10-page selection of the chosen piece. A panel of judges will then review this abbreviated version of the piece. Out of the submissions, panelists will select four to continue to the next stage of the selection process. The chosen four will then develop their selection into a one-act version for future production as a staged reading in front of an audience and a panel of judges. After which, the winning piece will then undergo the production process as a fully realized production (a full-length play) to contribute to the 2022-2023 season at Matthews Playhouse."

Shining some light on aspiring, up-and-coming, or seasoned artists, AAPG and MPH are offering their platforms to develop the visions of those who have worked diligently to grow under bigger and better opportunities. As AAPG Founder Vickie L. Evans mentioned during a talkback after the premiere of last season's winning production, Greenwood by Coolidge Harris II, "Love your craft, don't give up, and always keep going. Never stop, no matter what the obstacles and challenges are."

The opportunity is here, now, welcoming and awaiting courageous artists who dare to accept the invitation. If you feel your work is ready to be realized by the world, take a chance and submit your proposal materials via this link. More information and guidelines about the submission process can be found here. The call is open until January 31,2022.

Please note that playwriting artists must submit selections electronically and there is a submission fee of $25.00 per proposal with the intention that this cost will contribute to the final production.