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Theatre Letter to the Editor

On CVNC's Review of This Year's 10 By 10 in the Triangle at the ArtsCenter Goes Rewardingly Meta

July 12, 2014 - Durham, NC:

In via e-mail:

Sorely disappointed by the review for 10x10. Fairly certain most reviewers would not divulge the entire plot of a play they had just seen. Not sure why the reviewer of 10x10 this year felt it was appropriate to reveal the plots of all 10 shows. This is less a review and more a book report of each piece. As an actor in this year's show I am very unhappy that anyone reading this review will have already been given the synopsis of each show and had revealed to them any twists or reveals that may have been awaiting them. We had audible gasps during Recess [at its climactic point]. You were there. You heard them. This is an irresponsible review. I hope you will reconsider leaving it up in its present form.

If you are not planning on taking the review down..., please add a spoiler alert statement to it.

David Berberian
Durham, NC

Editor's Note: The requested alert was added immediately. Thanks for writing.