NC State University Theatre, North Carolina State University: Garden District: Two Tennessee Williams Southern Stories Celebrating the 100th Birthday Year of Tennessee Williams!

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( Wed., Oct. 26, 2011 - Sun., Nov. 6, 2011 )

Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre, 2241 E. Dunn Ave., Raleigh, NC 27695


Suddenly, Last Summer with special guest Lynda Clark - "Catharine Holly’s cousin Sebastian dies under mysterious circumstances on a trip to Europe, and Catherine seems to be losing her grip on reality as she deals with her knowledge of the gruesome details of that summer on the beaches of Spain. Desperate to hide the truth, Sebastian’s mother, ferocious and rich Violet Venable engages a research physician and convinces him to take extreme measures to cure Catharine’s insanity. Presented with all-star casts on film with Liz Taylor, Katherine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift (1959), and on television with Maggie Smith, Natasha Richardson and Rob Lowe (1993)."
Something Unspoken - "Miss Cornelia is a wealthy matriarch who lives her life with great pomp and circumstance, and a long-time secretary named Grace. Cornelia has held every office of the local chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy except regent and she desperately wants to be elected. Between phone calls as she tries to manipulate the election, she provokes Grace to acknowledge the complex and codependent relationship between the two women. Adult themes."


Single tickets - reserved - $18, seniors $16, NCSU students $5.

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